Peter Murane



Peter is an entrepreneurial repeat offender, playing a role in seven different start-ups including founding BrandJuice. He loves the world of innovation, authoring a book on the topic, but is happiest applying innovative thinking to every day life.

Peter is a master at “what if” conversations, particularly when they apply to brands and business models.

When he’s not at work creating opportunity — he can be found spending time with his wife and three kids, drinking one of the wines offered by his wine import company, enjoying Colorado’s big back yard and reading interesting books.

Andrea Stone



Andrea is a builder…of brands, culture, relationships, answers. She builds thrive into businesses.

Guiding the company Strategy (with a capital S), Andrea finds simplicity within complex tapestries. Her bright and colorful vision for crafting just the right execution is like seeing in 4D.

Outside of agency life…she loves yoga and time at home with her husband and three boys. She can be found most weekends on sporting fields of all stripes across beautiful Colorado and on slopes in the off-season.



Amanda’s sharp wit and even snappier delivery are matched only by her skills at helping clients uncover audience motivations. You can just call her human behavior ninja. We do.

Her taste for the finer things in life informs her brand work.

When she’s not strategizing with colleagues and clients, she’s likely chasing her kids around playgrounds or watching consumers shop at the mall. And let’s be honest, she’s likely doing a bit of shopping herself.

Erin Blood



Erin is our in-house positioning queen. She positions brands, positions herself close to her clients, and re-positions the furniture in her house on a monthly basis. Her husband thinks she should stick to positioning brands—it’s where her passion lies.

From B2B to consumer, cell phones to yogurt—Erin believes that every good brand deserves just the right space in peoples’ minds.

When she’s not building brands, she’s taming her crawling son, re-organizing a closet or eating Pho with her golden chopsticks.

Heather Thill



Heather (aka “Hez” or “HT”) is our resident “make it more better” director of design and all things creative. Born an Iowa farm girl and raised a Virginian in the thick of historical inspiration, she can drive a tractor and tag cattle just as well as she can analyze Jeffersonian architecture.

We imagine her perfect balance to be sitting in a hay loft, reviewing the work of our talented designers on one of her many Macs, with a scotch, a Jambox, and her dog, Bella (who is fittingly the size of a horse) nearby.

Heather ensures our work is polished to perfection, makes us laugh until we cry, and as our “Chief of Brand Police” protects our client brands like no other.






John is a risk taker. He’s the guy who loves to take the leap from strategy into the outer orbits of creative possibility. He believes simple is better. That people respond most to truth. And that no matter how far into the unexpected an idea may take the audience, it must always bring them back.

When he’s not on a shoot or making excited hand gestures in the office, he’s doing his best to keep up with his two growing boys and an eclectic list of ideas for the next great meal or adventure.




Alexandra Hilker



Alexandra is our designated trendhunter (locked and loaded) and hare-brained storyteller. When it comes to bringing a brand to life, her passion lies in crafting and unearthing an authentic story—an unsettling balance of wordsmithery, and Red Bull.

With a constant curiosity for trends – food, fashion, art or culture – she begins with the origin of things. Who did it first? Who was bold enough to try? Her eye for the next big thing is instrumental in strategy and innovation work, and her prowess for social media.

When her phone is off (yep, an evolved Millennial who disconnects) Alexandra’s out fishing, snowboarding, or continuing her quest to find the world’s most perfect French Fry.



Kim is our resident Kansas native and an avid Harry Potter fan. Like the ever-curious and determined “Boy Who Lived”, Kim’s approach to design is that nothing goes overlooked and no stone is left unturned.

Whether it’s a pint glass under the bright lights of Larimer street, or a billboard spotted on her weekend drives to the mountains, Kim is constantly inspired by the exciting world of things and people around her. We lean on Kim’s curiosity as well as her sincere passion for typography and grids to tell our brand stories through the strategic and artful craft of her designs.

When Kim’s off the grid(s), you’ll find her out skiing the slopes or perusing Colorado’s colorful parks and trails with her family and friends.



Lizzy believes in the power of imagination—it’s where the wild things are. And that which is untamed inspires people most.

Her keen sense of awareness, paired with her Southern hospitality, enables her to identify the client’s every need and deliver accordingly. And when she’s not overanalyzing copy or checking grammar for the love of the game, this hostess-with-the-mostest is likely having you over for dinner, shocking your taste buds with her cocktail craftsmanship and culinary creativity.

Her time’s rarely spent alone as she’s constantly hiking, skiing, and rollerblading with her canine companion, Luna. When it comes to outdoor exploration, Lizzy is fearless. Well, when you have a 120lb Great Pyrenees at your side, just about anyone is fearless.



Joanie watches TV for the commercials. She’s that girl. Her fascination lies in the idea behind the ad. A burning curiosity for the process of things: How was the concept born? How did it develop? And what makes it compelling? The devil is in the details – and the strategy.

Her passion for these insights was born out of her world wanderings. Her discovery of the stories behind people, places, and ideas awakened her love for design and brand development. A “Joan of all trades”, she truly enjoys being involved in every aspect of a project and aims to solve any problem thrown her way.

Joanie’s other passions? Our Colorado native is just a little obsessed with food, horror films, abandoned places, old photographs and cold weather.



Nina is a Wisconsin girl through and through. With her undying love for the Green Bay Packers and her never ending Midwestern work ethic and perfectionism, she brings fresh simplicity and a unique style to our design world.

When she­­’s not working…she’s still working, restoring old furniture and breathing new life into reclaimed pieces. Her trusty mutt Lucy is always by her side whether they’re hiking in the mountains, trying new brews, or listening to live music at concert venues and dive bars.