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Trimble CEC, Geospatial and Buildings divisions were operating as separate verticals creating silos both internally and externally within their core target markets. As a result, Trimble customers grew accustomed to seeing them as separate products and services—limiting the cross-division enterprise sale. Trimble engaged BrandJuice to create a single “sector” video to introduce this new structure at Trimble Dimensions 2016 (Trade Show) in Las Vegas, and show a continuum of interrelated services,guided by an emotion felt by all in the industry—Confidence.


BrandJuice dug in deep to understand each division, bring them together with a singular emotional benefit—and thus story. From there, BrandJuice developed an inspirational script and storyboard, worked with partners to capture appropriate footage from around the world, and brought in voice over and music notes to help elevate the viewing experience and deliver an emotion without ever mentioning it.


The video played before the keynote speaker introduced the new structure of the company—making it easier to show his vision and gain alignment. The video helped to redefine previously siloed Trimble divisions, and gave attendees a new level of confidence moving into 2017. With a single sector demonstrating a united continuum of services, Trimble Dimensions attendees and customers are experiencing improved capabilities to win more work, execute more jobs and manage resources and assets more efficiently than ever before.


Created by BrandJuice