Mar 1, 2019

Inside Look at Senior Designer, Nancy Johnson


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Nancy Johnson, Senior Designer, is the spotlight of our March employee profile. We sat down for a Q&A to deep dive into her refreshing way of thinking and insightful vision that drives our team every day.

Tell us about where you grew up?
I grew up around Dallas, Texas, with my 3 bad*** older sisters, but later moved to a small town outside of Cleveland, Ohio before entering the 5th grade. And when I say “small town”, I mean I graduated with 140 students.

What brand is your personality most aligned with?
I would probably say Levi’s, (not because I shop there, because I really don’t too often) but I would describe myself/my style as casual with a classic sensibility. I embrace trends but respect traditions. I’m also not afraid to push boundaries, evolve with the times and step out of my comfort zone in trying new things. Levi’s can be really fun and free-spirited while still remembering where they came from and who they are. Everyone is always invited to join the Levi’s brand/party just by being themselves, which I love!

What led you to choosing this profession?
I always loved art class growing up, but never thought it could be an actual career for me until I took a computer graphics class in high school. I was immediately hooked. Graphic design combined my love for art and problem solving, and also introduced me to my obsession for branding.

Who inspires you? Who do you aspire to be like?
I always aspire to be like people with a strong sense of self and purpose; mostly women that are unapologetically who they were meant to be with confidence and a unique style. Right or wrong, the people that come to mind are Michelle Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, Stevie Nicks, the Queer Eye cast and even fictional characters like Penny Lane (Almost Famous), Denarius (Game of Thrones) and Leslie Knope (Parks and Rec).

What’s your most irrational fear?
I’ve been having the same nightmare since I was about 5 years old: a scary man is hiding under my bed with a giant sword as I’m sleeping, and then stabs me through the mattress. Why? No idea.

If you could keep only 5 possessions, what would they be?
• Palmers “swivel stick” lip balm
• My blanky (yes at the age of 31 I still cannot sleep without my blanky)
• A painting by my grandpa of a banana that I love so much
• Headphones/music
• Chocolate

nancy with wine

What are you drinking come five o’clock?
If it’s not La Croix, then alcohol. Duh. Depending on the time of year it’s either a crisp New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Moscow Mule, Aperol Spritz, Grenache or an Old Fashioned.

Best restaurant in Denver?
I’ve only been to a handful so far since I just moved here from Chicago, but Snooze was amazing (my husband and I are HUGE breakfast/bacon lovers), Safta and Hop Alley!

What’s the best book you’ve read so far this year? Ever?
My favorite book of all time is the Alchemist. Part of it was also read at our wedding!

When you’re in need of creative inspiration, where do you go? What do you do?
I listen to some music. I am constantly filling my head with different sounds and narrating my life and work with a soundtrack. When I have time, I go to a spinning or yoga class to clear my head and push restart on my brain. Pinterest helps too 🙂

What was the last picture you took with your phone?
1 of 2 things: either a photo of our puppy, June (who is the cutest fluff butt ever) or of my handsome husband… probably with our puppy, June.

If you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be?
Sounds a little corny and expected, but: just do it. So many times, I talked myself out of an adventure, trip, or going after my dreams. I always wanted to live abroad or travel after graduating from college. Instead of finding a way to achieve my dreams, I came up with a reason to not go, mostly based on money or time. And I so wish I had followed through with it – but I suppose it’s not too late…

What’s your favorite thing about working at BrandJuice?
I love that the office feels like a home. All of the candles, comfy pillows, couches, artwork and contemporary finishes are really inspiring and cozy!

Nancy and June

Follow along on our social media over the coming weeks to find out more about what Nancy is up to when she isn’t flexing her creative chops at BrandJuice.

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